We believe in The Solution Focused Approach:

  1. Focusing on Solutions – not Problems.
    Don’t become experts on the causes, become experts on the solutions
  2. Building on Success.
    Discover what works & do more of it!
  3. Illuminating Resources
    Cast a light on inner and hidden “treasures” of your team
  4. Finding New Perspectives.
    Shift the Focus of your awareness

Our available Coaching Programs:

  1. Solution Focused Executive Coaching: Solution Focused Executive Coaching is for high level executives that wish to find what is working, discover their hidden resources and use their strengths in order to make their team more effective.
  2. From Manager to Coach: This program involves a lot of: coaching training, practice, coaching sessions, evaluation meetings, and more. It is tailor-made to our client’s needs and the program’s goal is to act as a “catalyst of change” by transforming managers into coaches.
  3. Solution Focused Coaching School: An experiential hands-on coaching training program where one learns how to become a solution focused coach. It is part of the International Schedule of Solutionsurfers’ course, and is offered in English.
  4. Solution Focused Teams: Conceived and realized by professional coaches – facilitators, Solution Focused Teams help natural and mixed teams to face and cope with their challenges and accelerate change.
  5. Coach Supervision by Krysta: Krysta enjoys this process and specializes in  mentoring young  coaches who want to move forward and find their own solutions, women in business, people who are looking for coaching as a new career, executives who want to become coaches etc..

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We look forward to hearing from you! 🙂