From Manager to Coach Programs

FROM MANAGER TO  COACH programs equip your busy managers with the right coaching techniques, skills & mindset to make solution focused coaching a HABIT.

Word of Mouth – what clients say:

“This is the first development program of its kind, where the interactive parts are directly related to the job I do!” L.Martinou, Knowledge & Data Manager BIC

“The methodology of this program was very practical and helped me through the steps I followed as a coach, to improve my team.” E.Nikas, Sales Mgr.,L’Oreal

“Structured coaching worked as a practical tool, helping both parties become more engaged and get better results” N.Halikas, Supply Chain Mgr, Pirelli

“This program changed my thinking and improved my self-confidence in managing the team” . B.Kornizou, Supervisor, Eurobank FPS

“This was an interactive programme where all the basic principles of coaching were taught as well as how to give effective feedback and how to be a good active listener! It was all delivered with great success!” N.Bovolos, Blade Industrialization Director, BIC

From Manager to Coach Programs: are  practical, hands-on, management development programs. Designed for managers who want to gain the habit  of coaching their teams. They contain concrete steps, train managers into solution focused coaching, coach them & measure the impact and results on their everyday work.

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Indicative Results – ROI from these Programs:

  • Coachee improved cross-selling ratio from 10% to 90%, following systematic coaching from manager.  Achieved yearly  sales target at mid-year.
  • Manager increased market visits per week from 20% of his time to 80%  This occured following implementation of coaching to his team.
  • Coachee was able to turn 10% of negative clients into returning clients.
  • Following the program, manager gained 3 days per month, due to coaching his team.

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Why learn how to coach?

One can never be a great manager, if they are not a great coach! Read more in the relevant HBR article HERE.

When managers are facing a challenge – they always have a choice on how to handle it. They can tell people what to do or they can use coaching approaches to help others learn, grow and develop by addressing immediate issues.

Most managers choose the fast way: telling people what to do. But the fast way is not always the right way. When managers tell their teams what to do, the latest often miss essential details. They might even learn to avoid risks and always expect to be told what to do. This makes learning, adapting and learning processes slow.

From Manager to Coach  acts as a “catalyst of change” by transforming managers into coach/managers.

Designed for: people managers, regardless of level.

From Manager to Coach programs have been implemented by Treasure Lab with populations, ranging from foremen to senior executives & CEOS.

Indicative Clients: Alpha Bank, British American Tobacco, Lafarge Beton, Papastratos Philip Morris and many others.

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