Team Coaching Programs – Boost Team Performance

Our Team Coaching programs help you improve your team’s performance.

They are structured, with discrete steps, combining individual & team coaching sessions, assessments and tools.They bring positive changes to the way a team works, in a matter of less than 6 months.

Through such a program, you and your team will:

  • assess Team Strengths  and draft an action plan
  • discover views of the team’s Future & strategize to get there
  • learn ways to enhance team cooperation
  • get support from professional coaches to realise  the above

In addition, we bring to these programs:

Team Coaching programs are suitable for:

  • A team with a new leader or big challenge wanting to strengthen communication & cooperation
  • Multiple teams undergoing changes that want to accelerate their performance
  • A newly formed team that wants to create a healthy start, based on team strengths

How does it work ?  Our methodology

Solution Focused Teams Methodology

Team Coaching Programs Methodology

Indicative Clients: Novartis, Eurobank HHL, Roche Pharma.

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