Management Development

Tailor-made Development Programs

Our Development Programs are always 100% tailor-made and designed for our clients’ goals.

Topics that we have worked on a lot:

• New Managers: the first 100 days
• Giving feedback & Solution Focused thinking
• Train The Trainer Programs
• Becoming a Meeting Facilitator – The Solution Focus way
• Decision Making
• Boost your Resilience
• Customer Service Excellence
• Developing High Potentials
• Programs that boost Company Values

For more details on how they work, see Development Programs.


Our Workshops  are 1-2 day open workshops, designed to introduce the participants to indispensable new notions and help them make a small shift in their way of thinking.

Since 2011, Treasure Lab, has introduced the following two major topics with great success:

  • Solution Focused Coaching (click here for a detailed PDF)
  • Resilience & Solution Focus (click here for a detailed PDF)

For more details on how they work, see Workshops.

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