Tailor Made Development Programs

Suitable for and covering needs, such as:
  • New Managers: the first 100 days
  • Giving feedback & Solution Focused thinking
  • Train The Trainer Programs
  • Becoming a Meeting Facilitator – The Solution Focus way
  • Living the Values
  • Customer Service Excellence

How do Development Programs work? Our Methodology

Tailor-made Development Program Methodology

Tailor-made Development Program Methodology

Clients:  Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma, EMC, Eurobank Cards, Holmes Place, IKEA, Mondelez, Roche Pharma, Toyota, Xρυσή Ευκαιρία etc.

Goals: We identify what the goals & expected results of the program are,  the target audience characteristics and other factors are examined

Design: With clarity on the goals & topics of training, we design tailored material and activities, role play scenarios etc The client gets a course that is designed 100% for her specific needs

Workshop: Training connected to the real world, to the team’s experience and way of thinking and operating.  Full of action & ready to use tools.

Action Plan: At the end, a personal action plan is drafted to be worked on. When coaching follows, the action plan becomes part of the coaching intervention.


Training  workshops “the Treasure Lab way”

What is the Content? Focused and specific: learning 1-2 things well, rather than a bit of everything on any subject

How do I learn ? Learning by Doing, with minimal theory and more room for trying out new knowledge, through role-plays, dvd sessions and feedback, fun & games.

 Self-reflection?  Self-reflection plays a key role in learning. Participants are asked to reflect and share experiences, adapt knowledge to their own situation and then apply.

How is it Suitable for Different Learning Styles?  We transform the training place into a “learning playground”, with colours, scented markers, puzzles, mind games, that are conveniently placed for participants’ use, serving to free the spirit and open people’s minds up to new experiences!