We are proud to provide a valuable service to more than 4.000 executives that have participated in Treasure Lab’s coaching and development programs. Now it’s time our clients do the talking. Check it out here!

Coaching Skills Programs

  • “A very effective program with a great range of useful material. It was very interactive, not at all tiring and simultaneously easy to understand. Facilitators Krysta & Anna were perfect!” -S.Tsouni, Eurobank FPS, 2015
  • “A program close to my needs, with real life cases which are easy to be implemented in our daily work.” -S. Kalogirou, Eurobank FPS, 2015
  • “It was one of the most original workshops I have participated in.” –D. Ntovas, Eurobank FPS, 2015
  • “An educational program with immediate implementation.” –I. Xanthopoulos, Eurobank FPS, 2015
  • “Those two first days of the program were so constructive that all I want to do right now is to start applying the theory into my daily work.” -K. Tsiligianni, Eurobank FPS, 2015
  • “The program was straight forward and interactive!” -D. Chiloudaki, Papastratos, 2015
  • “The program made us understand that the issue of human support and development is a perpetual process.” Anonymous, Papastratos, 2015
  • “The open-question technique in Solution Focused Coaching helped me improve my relationship with one member of my team.” -C. Skoulikidou, L’OREAL, 2014
  • “I liked the opportunity I was given to learn in a creative way. It helped me get the best out of the program.” -I. Nikolaidou, European Reliance (Ευρωπαϊκή Πίστη), 2014
  • “I realized how important it is to invest time in our team of managers and encourage their development.” -I. Ntanaka, European Reliance (Ευρωπαϊκή Πίστη), 2014
  • “Krysta and Eleni are amazing and with their confidence they made the learning process very smooth.” -K. Michailidis, Pernod Ricard, 2013

Management Development

  • “An interesting program tailor made to our needs.” -I. Ntanaka, European Reliance (Ευρωπαϊκή Πίστη), 2015
  • “Techniques that are “golden tools” in the hands of a manager in order to optimize the efficiency of his/her team.” -N. Petroulakis, BIC Violex, 2015
  • “The program focuses into helping you face everyday problems both in work and in life.” -T. Karatsiolis, BIC Violex, 2015
  • “Excellent team that gave proper directions!” -G. Sgouros, BIC Violex, 2015
  • “The program helped me develop a new way of thinking!” –N.Vidalis, BIC Violex, 2015
  • “The program’s practical tools allow a constant improvement of both myself and my team.” –K.Kontos, BIC Violex, 2015
  • “Knowing yourself is hard and constant. Today I got one step closer to it. Thank you!” -D. Kondilis, BIC Violex, 2015
  • “Change is not beyond our reach; and knowledge is the right tool to accomplish it.” -G.Papanikolaou, BIC Violex, 2015
  • “Facilitators with clarity, contagiousness that held our interest high in the whole length of the program.” -G. Economou, BIC Violex, 2015
  • “A remarkable “pack” of trainings, tailor-made to fit BIC’s values!” -Anonymous, BIC Violex, 2015
  • “The program gave us handy and real tools, for real-time events” -G. Vlachos, BIC Violex, 2014
  • “I was delighted by the practicality of the techniques that we learned, and their ability to be applied!” -D. Efthymiadis, BIC Violex, 2014
  • “I loved the directedness and the adaptability of the program, and the examples, that were close to my everyday work routine.” -T. Kabouris, BIC Violex

Tailor-Made Development Programs:

  • “What I found particularly useful, was that we were given ways and best practices to give effective feedback using the tools that were given to us. I will use it right away!” –K. Poulimenos, Roche Hellas, 2012
  • “Very interactive seminar, with energetic involvement from the whole group tailored to meet real life issues as well as needs” –Z. Giannopoulos, Roche Hellas, 2012
  • “Very interactive will a lot of exercises that give you the chance to practice and be ready for difficult situations. I really enjoyed how simple techniques were and easily applicable to everyday work-related issues” –R. Valsami, Roche Hellas, 2012
  • “I really enjoyed how interactive this training was, while being tailored to our roles and experiences” -A. Maragou, Roche Hellas, 2011


Performance Management Workshop:

  • “The most interactive workshop I’ve been to!” -N. Agelioti, 2015

Resilience & Solution Focus Workshop:

  • “In a very warm atmosphere, the workshop offers incredibly useful knowledge, in a way that is oriented towards practical application from the next day! Great tools for achieving change!” -I. Rigopoulou, Athens University of Economics & Business, 2014
  • “A solution focused approach, coupled with positive psychology to support change.” -C. Poulopatis, Citibank, 2014
  • “A wonderful experiene! It gave us the opportunity to realize thinking traps in everyday life and how to challenge them and become even more resilient!” -F. Fevri, British American Tobacco, 2014
  • “The workshop was the perfect opportunity to work with oneself & to get away from negative thoughts and actions that undermine resilience” -G. Theodoropoulou, Student, 2014
  • “This workshop on Resilience is more useful than ever, since it addresses issues that we all face. I recommend it wholeheartedly!” -S. Sfakaki, Bold & Ogilvy, 2014
  • “A workshop, very relevant to what worries executives, supporting personal development, while reflecting on business enviroment and personal life!” -F. Koutroumanou, ?, 2014
  • “Excellent training course, very interactive. It definitely helps you promote your resilience skills, especially during these difficult times.” –K. Poulimenos, Roche Hellas, 2013

One-day Solution Focused Coaching

  • “I have learned a new way of thinking and information analysis that can help me solve effectively everyday problems. I have been introduced in the philosophy of strengths-based development.” -N. Louizidou, National Bank of Greece, 2013
  • “Directly applicable!” -V. Tsaliagos, WIND Hellas, 2013