Feedback in Practice

Secrets to enhancing communication

An interactive, hands-on workshop, focusing on FEEDBACK: offering feedback, so that people grow & exploring difficult cases.  Receiving feedback, so that you enhance your own self-awareness and upgrade communication with your team.

Who is the workshop designed for:

  • Managers who want to get ready to use tools on feedback
  • HR professionals who want to enhance feedback practices in the company
  • Professionals who want to upskill on feedback 

What will I learn:

  • How Strengths Feedback… strengthens teams
  • Practicing positive feedback & acknowledgement
  • Using corrective feedback so that people grow
  • Difficult Cases
  • The ABC method of giving feedback
  • Asking for feedback & how to do it
  • Best Practices in the How, When, Why of feedback

three interested

Τreasure Lab methodology:

Feedback in Practice, one of the  “Τreasures for Managers”, is a hands-on workshop containing ready- to-use tools.  Like all Treasure Lab workshops, real-life examples from participants’ experience & case studies are used, while different learning styles are taken into account, for maximum effect.  The workshops allow room for reflection, sharing of experiences and offer feedback from professional coaches/facilitators. The Manager completes the day with an action plan & progress steps.



If you want to read more on Feedback and Strengths, see more:

  1.  T.Rath & D.Clifton. Ηοw Full is your Bucket. 
  2. Β.Zander,The Art of Possibility. 
  3. N.Kline, Time to Think: Listening to Ignite the Human Mind. 


Facilitated by Krysta Tzelepi Μ.Α., PCC, Executive Coach, Team Facilitator, Managing Partner of Treasure Lab Ltd. Krysta has over 15 yrs of experience in management development, serving large, multinational companies. She is an International Faculty Member of Solution Surfers Switzerland,  founding member of the Hellenic Coaching Association, member of the International Coach Federation & of Greek HR Mgrs Association (SDADE).  

From Feedback in Practice on the 3rd April 2019

Price:  295 euro & VAT,  2nd & 3rd participant at 275 euro & VAT.
To reserve your place in the workshop, you can deposit the above amount in one of the following accounts: Εurobank IBAN: GR570 2603 740000 7302 00249939 & Αlpha Bank IBAN: GR 100 140 1580 158 002320 007841