A financial institution selected Treasure Lab to design and implement a program for their call center teams!

The company’s goal during this sixth-month program is to teach their supervisors how to coach their team and use it as a daily practice.

So, how effective is coaching when it is used in call centers? A lot! Among other cases and evidence, a McKinsey study οf a major video & telecommunications provider over a 6-week coaching session, revenue per call increased by 17% as sales representatives became more comfortable probing customer needs and offering responsive services. The company’s ROI (return-on-investment) was ten times its cost, as increases in call-handling time translated to substantial gains in revenue per call.

In our case, we have set the bar high and the program has already started with a lot of enthusiasm.  A tailored design includes a combination of a Coaching Workshop on Solution Focused Techniques, Action Planning, Executive Coaching Sessions and much more. Some early testimonials from participants show that Treasure Lab is determined not only to reach but to exceed expectations..! Take a look below.

  • “It was one of the most original workshops I have participated in” – Dimitrios Ntovas
  • “Fast paced, clever, methodical and efficient workshop” – Anastasia Sfyri
  • “Those two first days of the workshop were so constructive that all I want to do right now is start applying the theory into my daily practices” – Katerina Tsiligianni
  • “An educational program with immediate implementation” – Ioannis Xanthopoulos
  • “A highly constructive workshop with active participation from us all” – Alexandra Tzanoudaki

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