On December the 9th 2016, the 12th People Mgmt Executive Seminar took place at Divani Apollon hotel, near Athens. It was a beautiful winter day by the sea, an exciting day of knowledge, inspiration, networking & ideas! See more at: http://www.peoplemanagement.gr/


HR People Mgmt executive

With a full house of over 300 HR executives, professionals and the business community, Professor Richard Boyatzis, keynote speaker, held an engaging  “masterclass” on Resonant Leadership.  His research, cases, examples and activities were engaging and very useful.  If you want to read on Resonant Leadership, you can start here: https://hbr.org/2012/04/the-resonant-team-leader

Krysta Tzelepi, also a speaker at the conference talked about “Changing Corporate Culture: one step at a time”. With a cactus, an olive and a cyclamin in the room and using the metaphor of different flora flourishing in the same environment, Krysta showed how people can flourish. Just like flora in a garden, they have different strengths & different needs. If led in a strengths based, solution focused way, that takes into account their individualities, they grow and bring impressive results. Krysta explained how a company can change its culture gradually, using coaching programs as a vehicle, focusing on one manager each time, over a period of months and years.   See her presentation at: Krysta Tzelepi HR executive final version2

See conference program: http://peoplemanagement.boussiasconferences.gr/default.asp?pid=4&la=1

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