Following a merge,  350 people, starting from managers and descending the hierarchy have participated in a 2 day program for improved ways of communication, cooperation and teamwork.

Τhe  idea was to use Solution Focused activities, as well as outdoor fun, in order to explore strengths, to work on solutions and find “out of the box” ideas on the common future, as well as to get to know each other.  Treasure Lab  designed and coordinated the project, cooperating with Summit & Artventure for a combination of interactivetraining, outdoor games and rhythmic communication!

Participants said:

“Developing our team spirit through really interesting activities!”  “using our creativity to solve everyday problems!” “we talked and laughed, found solutions and had a great day!”  “met new colleagues and had the opportunity to express my views, giving upward feedback”  “was able to see my work from other points of view” “learned to wait before jumping into conclusions, shared my views”, “It was Super!”  “I loved it, can’t wait for the rest of it!” .