The Scaling Process is one of the easiest but most important tools that Solution Focused Coaching School participants learn for immediate application.

Imagine a scale from zero to ten. Ten, stands for having completely reached your target/goal and 0 stands for the moment where you have just started thinking about this goal, but haven’t done anything yet. Then, the coach asks: “Where would you say things are between 0 and 10 right now? What can you do to go just one step further?”

This process reflects fully the basics of the Solution Focused Approach, since it provides the coachee a practical and looking-forward methodology. Its main purpose is not only to help the coachee understand where they are now, but also find what they have to do in order to go one step further. They also realize, that in order to reach their goal, the only thing to do, is repeat the process.scaling process

Here are 3 tips that maximize the effectiveness of the Scaling Process:

  1. Specify the current situation: “Right now you are at number 4 because..”
  2. Imagine like you were somebody else. Envision the situation: “Suppose times goes by and you move one step higher.” Get into this mindset.
  3. Focus only on what worked to find your next steps: “What would you say that helped you accomplish this one step?” What was really helpful? What wasn’t?

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