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The Story of our Research: Krysta was reflecting on the status of coaching in Greece: how few companies were using it when she started coaching in 2005 and how more and more companies are now using it as a tool for development. So, she decided to research on the status of the use of coaching In the Greek market. To make this a more scientifically sound research, she contacted Leda Panayotopoulou, Assistant Professor at Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) to cooperate with her. A mixed-method research methodology was used. The Association of HR Managers in Greece- SDADE offered to sponsor the research, together with the Postgraduate Program in HRM, Athens University of Economics and Business, AUEB.

  • mapping business coaching practices as applied in the Greek market by Greek and multinational companies
  • mapping best practices in coaching that can be shared with others in the market.


HR Professionals, HR Directors, Learning Managers & buyers of business coaching.
205 complete answers to a Qualtrics survey were compiled and 7 in-depth interviews with HR Professionals.


Focus groups: 15/10 & 21/10
Personal Interviews: November 2021 - January 2022
Questionnaire: February 2022
Results: September 2022
Presentations: GPMA November 2022 & Boussias People Mgmt Executive Seminar December 2022

Methodology / Combination of Tools:

Focus groups with HR Directors & HR Professionals
Structured survey in Qualtrics platform addressed to HR Directors, HR Professionals and coaching buyers through Linked In and Greek HR Association
In-depth interviews with HR Professionals whose company has systematized and established coaching practices.

Research design & implementation:

Lida Panayotopoulou, Assistant Professor, Athens University of Economics and Business - UOA
Krysta Tzelepi, Managing Partner Treasure Lab PC, Leadership Coach & Team Facilitator
Research study conducted under the auspices of the Postgraduate Program in HRM, Athens University of Economics and Business

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