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Making Coaching a Habit

FROM MANAGER TO COACH programs equip your busy managers with the right coaching techniques, skills & mindset to make solution-focused coaching a HABIT.

Transform managers into coach/managers. They are practical, hands-on, management development programs, for managers who want to gain the habit of coaching their teams. Through a concrete structure, managers are trained into solution-focused coaching, are coached into implementing coaching with their team, practice the learned skills, while the impact and results are measured at the end of the program.

Designed for: people managers, regardless of level.

From Manager to Coach programs have been implemented by Treasure Lab with populations, ranging from foremen to senior executives & CEOS.

Indicative Results - ROI from these Programs:

  • Coachee improved cross-selling ratio from 10% to 90%, following systematic coaching from the manager. Achieved yearly sales target at mid-year.
  • Manager increased market visits per week from 20% of his time to 80% This occurred following the implementation of coaching to his team.
  • Coachee was able to turn 10% of negative clients into returning clients.
  • Following the program, the manager gained 3 days per month, due to coaching his team.

Word of Mouth

  • A very effective program with a great range of useful material. It was very interactive, not at all tiring and simultaneously intuitive. Facilitators Krysta & Anna were perfect!” -S.Tsouni, Eurobank FPS
  • The open-question technique in Solution Focused Coaching helped me improve my relationship with one member of my team.” -C. Skoulikidou, L’OREAL
  • I liked the opportunity I was given to creative learning. It helped me get the best out of the program.” -I. Nikolaidou, European Reliance (Ευρωπαϊκή Πίστη)
  • Techniques that are golden tools in the hands of a manager in order to control and optimize the efficiency of his/her team.” -N. Petroulakis, BIC Violex

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