Krysta undertakes mentor coaching for Executives, HR professionals and supervision for professional coaches who want to become icf accredited as ACC or PCC.

As of June 2019, Krysta is in the process of becoming  an International Coach Federation Assessor for PCC applicants.


Mentoring of coaches and supervision of coaches are both necessary and good for the individual and the field of coaching. Searching for distinctions between the two is not a matter of preference or of choosing sides to an argument. As the field of coaching matures, it is best served by experienced coaches who mentor and guide novices into practice and by supervisors who support the coach in maintaining effectiveness, ethics and personal equilibrium throughout their career.

When you work with Krysta, you will experience the combination of a solution focused approach, with elements from the 7 Eyed Model, together with practical tools.

Selected tools, serving the coach’s professional development are also used.

Among them are:

  • Client Strengths Assessment
  • Solution Focused Action Plan
  • Solution Focused Coaching Tools

See also: International Coach Federation on Coach Supervision & Mentor Coaching

A Few Words about Krysta Tzelepi as a mentor coach


With over 15 years of coaching experience with executives and 6 years of training coaches to become icf accredited, Krysta brings to mentor coaching a professional, structured, solution focused and yet personal approach.

Since 2004, she has been an active coach and facilitator: designing and implementing coaching programs for executives, coaching executives, training professional coaches, using coaching as a development intervention etc.

Initially trained as a Co-active Coach and certified by Coaches Training Institute as a CPCC, then trained by Corporate Coach U, she became a Licensed Facilitator for the Coaching Clinic. Later she completed the Solution Focused Coaching-Brief Coaching by SolutionSurfers Switzerland. Since 2011, she offers an ACSTH course “Become a Solution Focused Coach”, together with SolutionSurfers. Since 2014, she is an International Faculty Member of SolutionSurfers.

In addition, with 10 years in HR Line management and training, having served in the roles of Citibank Training and Development mgr, Marks & Spencer HR mgr for Greece, she knows first-hand what the challenges of an executive or line-manager are.


A brief look into the 7 Eyed Model

  1. The Client System: Focusing on the client’s situation the problem that the client wants help with, the immediate agenda.
  2. The Intervention: Focusing on the interventions that were made, the rationale, as well as other “paths” that could have been possible.
  3. The Relationship between the Coach and Client: Discussing the dynamics of the relation between coach and client, as well as what was going on at both a conscious and an unconscious level, when the coaching took place.
  4. The Coach’s processes: Discussing what was happening during the coaching with the client, what is happening with the coach during a session.
  5. The Relation between Supervisor & Coach: the relationship between coach and supervisor. An “eye” to the dynamics that are present in the supervisory relationship.
  6. The Supervisor's Processes: The supervisor focusing on his/her own experience with the coach “here and now”. Self-awareness of the supervisor.
  7. The Wider Context: Reflecting together on the wider organizational, social, cultural, ethical, and contractual context within which the supervision is taking place.

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