Developing Internal Coaches

Become trained in an icf accredited School & get the ACSTH certificate, prerequisite to become an icf accredited coach!

Learn everything you need in order to be able to coach, in a strengths-based approach that boosts engagement!

Designed for the HR professional who wants to become an icf accredited internal coach, the senior executive who wants to add a powerful methodology to engage his team.

The Solution Focused Coaching School runs in Athens Greece, since 2011, organized by Krysta Tzelepi, Treasure Lab PC, in cooperation with Solution Surfers, International.

Ready to embark on an inspiring coaching journey? Look no further!

At the Solution Focused Coaching School, we've crafted an intensive 8-day program that's designed with you in mind:

Learn the Art of Coaching: Master the skills for meaningful coaching conversations.
Peer Coaching Sessions: Dive right in with 10 peer coaching sessions from day one.
ICF Accreditation: We guide you through ICF competencies and provide essential tools for ICF accreditation.
Self-Awareness Boost: Immerse yourself in practice that enhances your self-awareness as a coach.
Practical Methodology: Discover the steps of a practical and concise coaching methodology.
ACSTH Certification: Gain the ACSTH certificate, your gateway to becoming ICF accredited (ACC).
Personalized Feedback: Benefit from personalized feedback from seasoned professional coaches.
Reflect and Grow: Build on your personal reflections to evolve as a coach. ...and that's just the beginning!
And much more!

The methodology is excellent and it made me feel that through coaching I can help them find their own solution. The whole program was extremely detailed. I wouldn't want something different

Ι. Ntanaka, HR Manager Ευρωπαϊκή Πίστη

Highly structured program with lots of practice and useful tools. Also, "on the spot feedback", which has helped me improve my confidence and try new things

Ε. Paraschaki, Organiz. Excellence & Coaching Business Partner, Boehringer Ingelheim

One of the most practical and apt workshops I've attended. The dynamic of the team helped to create great value for the members

D. Kardasi HR Director Interamerican

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