Mastering Coaching: Transforming Leaders into Coach/Leaders


Are you ready to empower your busy leaders with the art of coaching?

Our LEADER AS COACH programs are your ticket to equipping your team's leaders with the essential coaching techniques, skills, and mindset to turn solution-focused coaching into a daily HABIT.

At Treasure Lab, we don't just offer leadership development; we create coaches/leaders through hands-on, practical programs.

Whether you're a frontline manager or a senior executive, our programs are designed for all people leaders eager to cultivate the habit of coaching within their teams.

What sets us apart:

  • Practical, hands-on coaching techniques
  • Step-by-step coaching implementation
  • Skill-building through real-life scenarios
  • Measurable results guaranteed

Join the ranks of multinational and Greek companies in sectors like pharma, banking, and manufacturing who have already experienced the transformational power of our Leader as Coach programs.

Don't wait; make coaching a habit and watch your team excel.

Indicative Results - ROI from these Programs:

Coachee improved cross-selling ratio from 10% to 90%, following systematic coaching from the leader. Achieved yearly sales target at mid-year.

Leader increased market visits per week from 20% of his time to 80% This occurred following the implementation of coaching to his team.

Coachee was able to turn 10% of negative clients into returning clients.

Following the program, the leader gained 3 days per month, due to coaching his team.

A very effective program with a great range of useful material. It was very interactive, not at all tiring and simultaneously intuitive. Facilitators Krysta & Anna were perfect

S.Tsouni, Eurobank FPS

The open-question technique in Solution Focused Coaching helped me improve my relationship with one member of my team.

C. Skoulikidou, L’OREAL

I liked the opportunity I was given to creative learning. It helped me get the best out of the program.

I. Nikolaidou, European Reliance (Ευρωπαϊκή Πίστη)

Techniques that are golden tools in the hands of a manager in order to control and optimize the efficiency of his/her team.

N. Petroulakis, BIC Violex

Ready to find out more?

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We look forward to hearing from you! 🙂