People leaders at all levels are facing a host of continuous changes and challenges, within their company, the market, the world.

In an interdependent system that constantly evolves, in a "VUCA" world, with Artificial Intelligence at the door, leaders are stressed, overwhelmed and many at the verge of burnout.

We, at Treasure Lab,  help your leaders survive, learn, balance themselves and thrive.

Through our 20 year experience in developing  leaders at all levels, we have been praised for the relevant, engaging and practical nature of our programs.

The Leader’s Lab is a series of up to date, interactive, “bite-size” team workshops with practical, ready to use knowledge and tools. Training workshops can be offered together or separately, online or physically.

The Leader’s Lab workshops can be complemented with coaching sessions and other tools, according to your priorities & brief.

Your Leaders will benefit from

Self & 360 assessments for relevant competencies as a leader
Knowledge based on latest research
Digital business simulations that model real life experiences
Brief theory on each topic, enriched with company cases
In-class practice on skills & professional feedback
Personal Action Plans committing to next steps
Materials, readings & homework

The Leader's Lab Workshops

Emotional Intelligence: How to Make it Work!

- Learn why EQ is the new IQ and make emotions work for you
- Connect with others & manage your relations at work

A unique online series combining: 2 workshops & one coaching session

The Agile Mindset

Discover the benefits of agile thinking & learn to apply them to your daily work! Designed for managers & teams that want to think and work in a more agile way.

AGILE MINDSET an online series including Celemi Agile Move digital business simulation.

Resilience Now!

- What are the characteristics of resilient people?
- What undermines our resilience?
- What can we do to avoid Thinking Traps?

Learn how to boost your resilience in the COVID-19 era with an expert that has designed and applied Resilience programs in schools, businesses, and families, during the last 15 years. Meet Dr.Eleni Tzelepi-Giannatou.

Strengths Feedback in a Virtual Environment

Focus on Strengths Feedback & positive communication in a virtual world. Learn how to use simple tools and techniques, that are based on the latest neuroscience findings. Practice with other participants in small teams and get valuable insights on what useful feedback should sound like. Discuss real cases, work on best practices and create your personal action plan. With Krysta Tzelepi and Nikos Polidis.

Solution Focused Coaching

Learn what solution focused coaching is and how it works from Krysta Tzelepi, who has been training and coaching hundreds of managers on this approach, since 2008. Practice a simple and effective coaching methodology to apply with your team and colleagues! Find how you can change a conversation from telling to asking and empowering!

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