What will I learn

How Meetings Have Changed Corporate Life
A Team's Key Meetings
Deciding When a Meeting is Necessary
Τreasure Lab methodology

In Meetings that Work, participants learn the steps of preparing and facilitating an effective meeting, explore and discuss best practices, share experiences and practice in real-life cases.

Key Points


Effectively Preparing for a Meeting
Designing Meetings that are Engaging


Opening a Meeting
Roles & Rules
Elevating Listening to a New Level
Questioning that Encourages Open Thinking
Neuroscience & the Chemistry of Discussions
Working with Difficult Participants


Closing Every Topic & Agreeing on Next Steps
Self-Reflection & Action Plan

295 euro & VAT. 2nd & 3rd participant at 275 euro & VAT.

Meetings that work

A  one-day training workshop that offers Practical Tools for the team leader, meeting organizer, meeting facilitator

It is based on Solution Focused Coaching & Neuroscience findings

It is one step in a bigger project “Changing Meetings Culture”


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Training that offers you the theory and practical exercises at the same time helping you to cope with difficult situations and attitudes.

G.Bitsanis, Tupperware

Both the content and the facilitator were direct and to the point.

P.Anagnostopoulos, Wind

Role-playing and how the workshop was structured were great.

E.Totonidou, Lamda Development

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