Meetings that Work:

A  one-day training workshop

  • It offers Practical Tools for the team leader, meeting organizer, meeting facilitator
  • It is based on Solution Focused Coaching & Neuroscience findings
  • It is one step in a bigger project “Changing Meetings Culture”

What will I learn:

  • How Meetings Have Changed Corporate Life
  • A Team's Key Meetings
  • Deciding When a Meeting is Necessary


  • Effectively Preparing  for a Meeting
  • Designing Meetings that are Engaging


  • Opening a Meeting
  • Roles & Rules
  • Elevating Listening to a New Level
  • Neuroscience  & the Chemistry of Discussions
  • Questioning that Encourages Open Thinking
  • Working with Difficult Participants


  • Closing Every Topic & Agreeing on Next Steps
  • Self-Reflection & Action Plan


In Meetings that Work, participants learn the steps of preparing and facilitating an effective meeting, explore and discuss best practices, share experiences and practice in real-life cases.

 Word of Mouth

  • Training that offers you the theory and practical exercises at the same time helping you to cope with difficult situations and attitudes. G.Bitsanis, Tupperware

  • Both the content and the facilitator were direct and to the point – P.Anagnostopoulos, Wind

  • Role-playing and how the workshop was structured were great. E.Totonidou, Lamda Development 

Ready to reserve your place?

Price:  295 euro & VAT,  2nd & 3rd participant at 275 euro & VAT
Reserve your place in the workshop, by depositing the above amount in one of the following accounts:

Εurobank IBAN: GR570 2603 740000 7302 00249939
Αlpha Bank IBAN: GR 100 140 1580 158 002320 007841