A bright and energetic team of 15 business and HR leaders embarked on an exciting Emotional Intelligence journey, with our online learning series, that was held on 25-26 June!

Together with Christina Galani we shared how #emotionalintelligence can be learnt and developed, what you can do to become more #self-aware and regulate yourself in stressful situations, and most importantly, how you can use this knowledge and mindset in order to build successful #relationships and #motivate others at work.

► Get a taste from participants’ testimonials below:
“I really enjoyed how the topic was presented and explained, without excessive theory or analysis. Nice and realistic examples!” D.Amountzias, Mitsis Hotels

“I loved the fact that we used real-life examples and role plays”. N.Iakovides, Mitsis Hotels

“A great flow, balanced combination between theory, open discussion and practice. P.Tsakirides, HR Professional

“We have gained insights on how Emotional Intelligence can be implemented by everyone, as a success factor at work!” S.Bilis Mitsis Hotels

✅ Join us in September, for more on Emotional Intelligence insights & practices!

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