Embrace the Gamified Learning Revolution in Professional Development

Do you remember the enthusiasm and thrill when playing a game?  The excitement and the engagement and the fun? The laughs and the insights, too? This is the metamorphosis that traditional learning approaches are going through with great results for learners, not only “learning by doing” which already works well, but also “learning while playing”! “Gamified learning” a technique that integrates game design principles to educational environments, is what we are talking about. This strategy attempts to not only engage the learner but also to improve knowledge retention and skill development. There are huge benefits for learners, whether executives, leaders, or teams, such as increased participation, improved retention, and accessibility (see box above text). At Treasure Lab we have embraced and adopted gamified learning in all our programs, incorporating and combining it with other methodologies and tools that work well. Through our long-term experience and facilitator expertise we know that gamified learning is a supplement. It is the depth of knowledge & combination of a vast variety of methods that make the difference for our learners. This helps them to remain engaged and learn the most. What we really do is facilitate their growth and help them in the process of change.

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