Interactive exercises and personal expression gave everyone insight into each other’s character and perspectives on both self and team. – I. Mandroukas

Great balance of team activities and insights sharing. The workshop covered many topics but managed to do so effectively, in a reasonable amount of time, keeping everyone engaged. Job well done! – N. Chatzigrigoriou

The instructor’s expertise and ability to adapt to the team’s dynamic were impressive. – Y. Bagourdas

Last week, the R&D Team of Product Conceptualization & Analysis at BIC Greece spent a day with Treasure Lab PC, alongside Nikos Polidis and Krysta Tzelepi M.A., MCC, CPCC.

In an atmosphere filled with enthusiasm, celebration, and camaraderie, we explored team strengths, utilized the Playmobil methodology for insights and sharing, tackled a Design Thinking challenge, and made the most of our day together!

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