Eleni Giannatou

Eleni Giannatou

, Ph.D , Senior Associate, Facilitator, Executive Coach - ΑCC

Eleni Tzelepi Giannatou, ACC is a Senior Associate of Treasure Lab PC.

Eleni Tzelepi is a seasoned facilitator, counselor, educational and psychological consultant, and ICF-accredited coach with a multitude of experiences in schools & businesses.

Eleni is an expert in Resilience and Stress Management, with her Ph.D. thesis being on Stress Management in adolescence. She has designed and implemented such programs for teachers, parents, and organizations e.g. Thenamaris, Roche, BIC, etc.

Eleni has also been invited as an expert counselor by the  Ministry of Education in Cyprus to implement a series of stress management programs.

As an executive coach, she has coached executives within coaching programs from companies such as BIC, Eurobank, Pirelli, etc.

Apart from working with organizations, Eleni’s experience is strongly related to Education. More specifically:

  • As a member of the national team of trainers, EOΠΠΕΠ, Eleni was involved in the in-service training of teachers in Greek schools abroad.
  • She was involved in the evaluation of programs and laws concerning Special Needs Education.
  • She has served as a Special Needs Counselor at the Greek Pedagogical Institute, Ministry of Education.
  • She has designed educational programs for teachers that were implemented at a national level.

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She has also designed and implemented a two-year program for classroom management in Ellinogermaniki Agogi.

She designs and facilitates parents’ workshops, development programs for teachers, and parental counseling/coaching.

She supports children, adolescents, and adults with regular coaching & counseling sessions.

Professional Qualifications

  • Solution Surfers Accredited Training Program on Solution-Focused Coaching –ACSTH
  • Certified in Applied Neuroscience by the Neuroscience School, approved as CCE by ICF
  • Accredited Trainer of Trainers and a trainer in psychology and education – EOΠΠΕΠ
  • Researcher in the field of stress, coping, and well-being both at a national and European level, in collaboration with European Research Institutes.

She has published in Greek and International journals, is a speaker/presenter at numerous national and international conferences, presenting her research on stress.


  • PhD in Educational Psychology, University of Patras
  • M.A. in Psychology and Education, University of London (Full Scholarship)
  • Certificate in Stress Management, London Priory Hospital
  • Advanced Diploma in Psychology and Education of Children with SEN, University of London
  • B.A. in Education, University of Athens


She is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), British Psychological Society, Hellenic Psychological Association (ΕΛΨΕ), International Association of Applied Psychology, European Society of Developmental Psychology, Greek Reading Association, the Stress and Anxiety Research Society.