What is the…secret behind how extraordinary leaders motivate? Read one of our favorite books or a shorter article at the end of the review.

So, our book this month is “??? ????????? ??????” by Jack ZengerJoe Folkman and S.Edinger, a classic in leadership development. A book that is based on an #extensive study with over 20,000 managers, where the authors/researchers discovered that the most important #ability that outperforms all others, is “inspire and motivate others to high performance”. It is the single and most powerful separator of the most effective leaders from both average and poor performers.

Zenger, Folkman & Edinger introduce the “Inspire” model, which consists of four essential qualities:
✔ creating a vision
✔ setting an example
✔ challenging the status quo
✔ empowering others.

Each component is thoroughly explored, providing practical strategies, actionable advice, and illustrative case studies. The authors’ ability to break down complex concepts into manageable steps makes the content easily applicable to various leadership contexts.

Also, “The Inspiring Leader” is based on empirical research. Zenger and Folkman draw upon their extensive experience in the field of leadership development and provide readers with evidence-based insights.

They present compelling data that showcase the profound impact inspiring leaders have on employee engagement, productivity, and overall organizational success. This empirical foundation instills confidence in readers, knowing that the principles outlined in the book are backed by robust research.

Another important point is the emphasis on personal #growth and self-awareness. Zenger and Folkman clarify the fact that becoming an inspiring #leader starts with introspection and a commitment to continuous improvement. They offer valuable self-assessment tools and exercises that encourage readers to reflect on their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for development.

“The Inspiring Leader” not only focuses on individual leadership but also highlights the importance of building a #culture of inspiration within organizations. Zenger and Folkman delve into the role of senior leadership in shaping the overall climate and cultivating an environment that fosters inspiration at all levels. By recognizing the interconnectedness of leaders and their teams, the book serves as a #comprehensive #guide to organizational transformation.

For a shorter take. you can also check out this article on the topic by clicking HERE : https://lnkd.in/daAwBw7Q

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