Listening and truly “being there” is an underestimated skill in our fast-paced world
Executives have to react fast, to have completed this or that by “yesterday”, to rush into decisions, to go-go-go without even thinking, sometimes.
And although I am an ardent believer in grasping opportunities & fast decisions, the art of attentive listening is an invaluable gift for executives, CEOs & business people, in general.
Good listeners gather more information from important stakeholders, understand more fully, create better insights and tend to make better decisions, based on more sound informed judgments, because they are ….listening.
As a trained psychologist and executive coach, listening has always been my holy grail. Knowing the difference that insightful and contextual listening makes in business, I know I have succeeded when through training or coaching I have contributed to my clients’ success, because they have learnt to listen better.

Enjoy the article of Bernard T. Ferrari from Mc Kinsey: The Executive’s Guide to Better Listening 

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