Transforming Teams at Upstream

  • What does it take for a team to reach its potential?
  • What does it take to make the most of each team member’s talents and generate the maximum value from people’s interactions with one another?
Today, we know a lot about what works best and there is a wealth of evidence-based methodologies and tools to support teams thrive. It is a journey of growth that never ends but always starts with a team’s vision to be at its best! Upstream Leadership Team is such an ambitious team, characterized by a growth mindset, which combined with Treasure Lab Team’s high expertise and vast experience led to a highly rewarding and impactful team development program. For us at Treasure Lab, “Transforming Teams” requires a long-term multifaceted approach to be successful. So, our dedicated program entails:
  • work with the Team
  • work with the Leader
  • team workshops
  • coaching sessions
  • real-life application
All of this is supported by creative and effective methodologies and tools. We adopt a strengths-based perspectivefocus on psychological safetysharing, and bonding, vision, and roles, build on strengths, and enhance the team’s ability to learn together and support each other growth. In this process, we facilitate, coach, and empower team members with tools like the TCI Team Diagnostic Assessment, Playmobil Pro, VIA Character Strengths,  Executive and Peer Coaching. We are happy to share our partnership with the inspiring Leadership Team of Upstream, we are grateful for the fruitful collaboration and their feedback!

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